Perfect love casts out fear

Insecurities, anxieties about our tomorrows, disturbing thoughts about our yesterdays and worries are all various forms of fear. They make us timid and tear away our confidence and self-esteem.

Some of us have stage fright and cannot perform infront of an audience while some of us suffer from the fear of animals, especially insects. Some of us are scared of being lonely or feeling isolated while some of us are scared of being too attached to people for fearing of losing them. Some of us have the fear of being separated from our belongings or from people we hold dear to. Some of us are scared of encountering people who put us down by highlighting our weaknesses while some of us are scared of the discrimination caused to us by our supervisors. All of us have some kind of fear or another.

I’m sure many of us have come across the term- “ Face your fears“. What does this actually mean?

Yes, it means getting ourselves to come to terms with all the things that intimidate us. But….. is it really as easy as it sounds? More often than not, our answer to this is a No! Its definitely not easy giving up our fears.

Well, this is actually a step-by-step process, to be precise.

We need to first determine all the things that don’t allow us to live freely. Like really examine ourselves and see if we have fears and uncertainties (like any of the ones I mentioned above or even any other kind)

Let me break this down for you. We have been created to live our lives to the fullest! A life without sadness, only joy! And this joy comes with the truth- a truth that sets us free. A truth that makes us know that we are so loved by our maker that we need not fear anything anymore, because he loves us soo much!

But then, some occurences tend to really stop us from reaching our full potential and from enjoying an abundance of life in the real sense of the term.

God’s perfect love casts away all our fears

– 1 Jn4:18

So, once we have determined all our fears, this automatically paves way to the second step-> which means we have now accepted that we have these certain fears inside us that don’t let us grow and allow us to discover the beautiful things that are in store for us, the plans of prosperity that God has for us.

Make room for FAITH and FEAR will fee…

-Levi Almeida

The third and final step is to take that leap in FAITH and remind ourselves that the GOD who created us is perfect. And therefore, his love for us, is perfect. No matter what you go through, he is very much with you. Look up at the skies, he’s bigger and higher than them. You could be drowning in the deepest oceans but his love will stretch out his hand and rescue you. That is the love of our God. SO, why then do we fear? Let us walk by faith and not get intimidated by certain facts or things we see around us. Let us say to our God that we place our trust in him and know that he is walking with us and will see us through every situation, because he is our God. We are here in this world, because he willed us into being.

Hence, why fear??!!

Smile and say “Because I know my God, I am strong and courageous!I have the faith it takes”

And you will then see how things work out for you.

You will conquer mountains and know that you can do all things through him who strengthens you.

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